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The new Smart Cities with free WIFI access

A project called “Wireless Smart Cities” was presented at the Mobile Web Congress of Barcelona, it is already running in around 60 cities, in public spaces such as streets, transport, cafeterias etc… Connecting users to high speed internet from any point in the city. An essential pillar of Smart cities. On this page you will find

NEC invests in Smart Cities with its low consumption Magnetic Sensors

The technology firm NEC announced it will launch its new magnetic sensors MRUS74S and MRUS74X, two sensors of “ultra low energy consumption”, essential to electronic water and gas meters which are used in the new smart cities. Along with the evolution of cities, for some years already, mechanical water and gas meters are being replaced

Smart City: today’s cities design tomorrow’s future

The Spanish TV channel RTVE brings us a documentary about Smart Cities, that clarifies most aspects of these new cities that slowly spread through our society. Some say the future is already here. By 2050, more than 75% of the world’s population will live in large cities. The model of a city as we know

Toshiba will provide technology to intelligent cities

Toshiba has announced it will start a “smart community”, a small intelligent and environmentally friendly city which will be situated in an industrial area of the French city Lyon. The project will be completed by 2016. The aim of the project is to put in place a sustainable community based on renewable energy as well

Telefonica will start testing with high speed ADSL in Spain

The telecommunications company Telefonica is undertaking in Spain, together with the city council in Santander, a technology initiative on the development of fibre optics for an urban purpose. This project is in line with the design of future smart cities. «The objective is to install a network of sensors connected in different places in the