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Smart cities in Latin America

Smart cities will expand over the next decade. Smart energy management and global use of integrated information, communications and technology (ITC) have supported the rise of new ultra-modern urban hubs, particularly in Europe and the EE.UU. But Latin America is not behind. The city of Medellin in Colombia has been lauded for its sustainability practices. Improvements in

Smart solutions for sustainable cities in the Arabian Gulf

According to UN-Habitat, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is one of the most urbanized areas in the world, with more than 70 % of the population living in urban areas. Urban expansion in the region has been fuelled by both internal migration and the influx of expatriate workers attracted by the region’s economic prosperity and

Internet of Things improves city services

The use of Internet during the next few years will reach eye-opening proportions, and so will the numbers of people moving into urban areas, which could lead to even greater changes in how cities operate. Smart cities are based on eight different areas: governance, building, healthcare, mobility, infrastructure, technology, energy, and citizens. It is being

Information Technology contributes to healthcare

Information technology (IT) -based networking has become an indispensable part of the health sector.  Digital Healthcare optimizes the quality and effectiveness of procedures in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Each clinical process is today accompanied by information. Optimally, IT systems support clinical processes by providing information needed at the right place at the right time. Greater emphasis

Cybersecurity becomes a billionaire market

The annual global loss of cybercrime is estimated to be at more than $113 billion, with some 380 million victims, making cybersecurity one of the fastest expanding markets in business. Across the Middle East alone, costs in this sector are set to rise by many billions of dollars over the next decade. Cybersecurity involves combination

Rio de Janeiro is a leader in smart city initiatives

Latin America and the Caribbean are two regions that could benefit from urban interconnectivity.  According to the UN, nearly 90% of their inhabitants will live in cities by 2050. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is a leader in smart city initiatives. After mudslides wreaked havoc in April 2010, the “Rio Operations Center” was created. The