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Upgrading street lighting across Europe

There are around 60 million streetlights in Europe. Most of them have been lighting up the roads for at least 25 years. These lights, which account for 20% to 50% of local government energy bills, are often not energy-efficient. The Humble Lamppost, a subgroup of the Integrated Infrastructures & Processes Action Cluster within the European

Aunt Bertha: A bridge between people and public services

An editorial by Rachel Stevens in Data Smart Solutions highlighted the long-term challenges of service administrators have faced in connecting citizens with the services they need,  and how technology is proving a valuable resource in breaking down the barriers between services and clients. Many cities and counties across the US have gathered their service directories

CITyFiED: A city project to reduce energy demand and greenhouse emissions

CITyFiED is a 5-year European project which aims to adapt European cities and urban ecosystems into the smart city of the future. The mission is to reduce the energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions and to increase the use of renewable energy sources. The consortium comprises 18 partners from Belgium, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Turkey,

New Delhi set to get new three smart cities

It will be a happy new year in New Delhi. In the next few months, work will begin on three smart cities, with 20 flats built in an organized urban set-up equipped with all amenities and guided by technology. The cities will be provided with uninterrupted power, water and Wi-Fi connectivity. Hospitals, schools, commercial complexes,

Internet of Things place cities on the fast track to becoming smart

The dynamic use of knowledge to improve both the use of scarce resources and a higher quality of life for its citizens is the hallmark of a smart city. Advances in wireless sensor systems, information and communication technology (ICT), and infrastructure allow cities to collect and curate huge amounts of data capable of sustaining and

Growing smart cities by networking new school champions

A three-year investigation on how innovation in America’s large cities has evolved has recently been published. The main finding was that ecosystems matter. Most innovations occur where there is a confluence of knowledge creation, talent, and incentives. Innovations are successfully implemented where there is sustained leadership, incubation capacity, and impact-focused partnerships.   For 20 years,