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Alcala de Guadaíra: The public WIFI with more than 2.300 registrations in the first month

Internet is a fundamental pillar for any SmartCity, the wifi networks help the inhabitants to undertake a multitude of tasks from anywhere at any time. The free WIFI from the municipality of Alcala de Guadaíra is already servicing more than 2.300 connexions in its first month of service. The users of this network are mainly

The Spanish city of Vigo will take part in an intelligent traffic project

The Galician city of Vigo will participate in a pioneering project together with seven more European cities, for the installation of an intelligent urban corridor. This intelligent urban corridor involves a system of sensors on the road that interact with receptors installed on the vehicles and will inform about traffic jams, alternative routes and available

The new Smart Cities with free WIFI access

A project called “Wireless Smart Cities” was presented at the Mobile Web Congress of Barcelona, it is already running in around 60 cities, in public spaces such as streets, transport, cafeterias etc… Connecting users to high speed internet from any point in the city. An essential pillar of Smart cities. On this page you will find

The Smartcity Centre of Excellence is inaugurated in Barcelona

Barcelona will be inaugurating a Smartcity Centre of Excellence in its 22@ district. The Centre will be situated in the Smart City Campus which is in the 22@ district in Barcelona, headquarters of all companies related to the concept of ‘Smart cities’. The main objective of this centre will be to drive intelligent mobility solutions in Barcelona, together

Rivas-Vaciamadrid one of the most “smart” cities in Spain

The term Smart cities defines the cities that use innovative solutions in areas such as transport, the environment, information and communication technology (ICT), city planning, energy consumption, knowledge economy and governing that guarantees a sustainable economic and urban  development, with an environment that offers citizens a high quality of life. In Spain, we can see

World Smart City Awards

The Smart City Awards aim to identify the cities, projects and solutions that have contributed most to develop the Smart City concept.  For the first edition, celebrated from the 29th of November until the 2nd of December, more than a hundred entries for the awards were received from 19 different countries. The city of Yokohama