Smart cities conference Archive

New water meters with real-time remote monitoring

During the conference about water management in smart cities that took place in Malaga, the Municipal Company Aguas de Malaga presented its «smart meters», whose development started seven years ago, placing the company in the technological vanguard of its sector. These meters transmit their data in real time without the need to move, saving labor

Medellin to host Smart City Expo World Congress 2013

The Colombian city of Medellin has been chosen as the next venue for the Smart City Expo World Congress 2013, which will take place in September 2013. In this three-day academic event, experience and knowledge will be traded in conferences and dialogues dealing with issues like security, mobility, technology and environment, among others. Source Share

Second Installment of Emtech Spain: the MIT’s conference about emerging technologies

Emtech Spain is a yearly professional gathering carried out in Málaga -and for the second time in Europe- in which more than 600 scientists, researchers, businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors meet with the intent of «turning ideas into solutions that solve the new necessities of a transforming world.» In Emtech, lectures have covered a wide array

Empowering employment for smart cities

The second installment of the Smart City Expo World fair, which took place in Barcelona, hosted a conference on the latest trends in resource management to boost job opportunities around the development of smart cities. The Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, pointed out that this event not only seeks to improve the life quality of

Conference in Turin: Infrastructures and Technologies for the Smart City

LingottoFiere and the Chamber of Commerce and Innovation of Turin (Italy) organized the “Infrastructures and Technologies for the Smart City” conference. The exhibition-conference will present the latest innovations in digital infrastructures, technologies and solutions for “Intelligent mobility”, from satellite navigation to info-mobility. The way the conference will take place is designed to satisfy the expectations

Open House Worldwide Conference 2012

Last 21st and 22nd of June, the “Open House Worldwide Conference 2012” took place in London, with title “Smarter cities, smarter thinking”, an initiative that invites to explore and learn the value of sustainable and well designed architecture. During the conference, the concept of “sustainable city” was defined. Different approaches to have people at center