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Bogotá to host Smart City Expo

The Smart City Expo conference, which covers initiatives for sustainable development in smart cities, will start this Wednesday in Bogotá. The conference will showcase the many benefits that technology can bring to the sustainable development of urban centers. One of the major highlights of the event will be the organization of a conference in which

How do we build the cities of tomorrow?

Watch this TED x Emory lecture to see how Hugh Green, an expert in environmental and smart city issues, answers the question. Share this content 🙂

Green Standards week conference hold in Madrid

Madrid is hosting the Green Standards conference from September 16-20. The event will bring together smart city specialists, policymakers, engineers, designers, planners, civil servants, regulators, professors, and standards experts. The chief objective is to raise awareness about the importance and possibilities of using ICT regulations to build a green economy and the structure of sustainable

Milan to host the Smart City Expo 2015

Today we bring you a video presentation of the Smart City Expo 2015 that will take place in Milan, Italy. The conference will encompass all of the technologies that will help make the cities of the future more secure and connected. Share this content 🙂

Smart City Expo World Congress 2013 to present 275 initiatives

275 initiatives related to smart cities will be presented in November at The Smart City Expo World Congress. This equates to 90% more initiatives than the number presented in the last meeting. The congress will feature nearly 300 speakers from 27 countries in its third gathering. Their talks will be related to the eight themes

Smart City Congress in Budapest

The «Smart Cities Annual Conference 2013» will take place on June 5 and 6 in the city of Budapest. This will be a unique occasion for government representatives and technology providers to meet and discuss the future setting of European urban scenery. The event proposes a varied program that combines audience interactivity with high-level lectures