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Five reasons to be optimistic about sustainable urban mobility

All over the world, cities are going through great lengths to improve quality of life through sustainable, connected urban mobility. Although the challenge is great, changes in behavior, technology and politics show that there is hope that future generations will inherit more sustainable cities. These are five reasons to be optimistic about the future of

An integrated vision of a smart city

The construction of the smart city concept is emerging as a strategy to mitigate the problems created by the urban population in terms of population growth and the speed of urbanization. However, until now, academia has given the matter little attention. In light of this, a group of researchers from prestigious universities around the world

Startup4cities brings together 89 smart city projects

The Spanish Network for Smart Cities (RECI) and Fundetec are promoting Startup4cities, an initiative that brings together 89 business projects in the technology sector and seeks to encourage the efficiency and quality of life in those cities. Among the projects received, 38 come from Madrid, 17 from Andalucía, seven from Valencia, five from Cataluña and

Smart cities in Latin America

Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) were the topics of conversation during the eMerge fair, held in Miami. One major topic of discussion was the involvement of Latin American mayors in turning their cities into smart ones by using new technologies that analyze data. These technologies allow authorities to anticipate, mitigate and prevent

First pro-innovation summit promotes Latin American smart cities

Miami-Dade county sponsored the first «pro-innovation» summit, which was attended by representatives of various cities in the United States and Europe. Their main objective was to draft a proposal for cooperation to develop smart cities in Latin America. This proposal seeks to boost urban technology in Latin America as well as other countries. The summit

Smart air: a new concept

According to the UN, in the year 2050, 70 percent of the world’s population will be urban and will consume 75 percent of the world’s energy and produce 80 percent of the gases that cause the greenhouse effect. One of the basic needs of urban dwellers is breathing pure air. This has given rise to