Call for Digital Agenda in Spain: Smart Cities

The Smart Cities session aims to advance the use of ICT to develop smart cities and sustainable urban infrastructure that contributes to Spain’s economic development.

The digital agenda for Spain sees the smart city as an integrated space where economics, citizens, mobilization, energy, environment and tourism promotion all come together.

Call for Digital Agenda in Spain: Smart Cities

The idea of tourism promotion is crucial in the development of a smart city. This is especially important in Spain, which was the third most visited country in the world in 2013 according to the World Tourism Organization.

This call is targeting select town halls that want to present initiatives that conform with the following ideas:
1. To make the management, provision and accessibility of municipal public services more efficient and affordable, especially those related to tourism and the impact of carbon emissions on transportation.
2. To use projects to promote the innovation of tourism and the access and sustainability of city programs as well as promoting the transparency and universality of data generated in public management.
3. To strengthen the replication of the benefits in other cities contributing to the development and evolution of standards.
4. To develop and exchange operational manuals and data between different administrative entities using an electronic network to efficiently share the data.

Applications can only be sent electronically, and a valid digital certificate (electronic DNI and the certificate of the National Mint and Stamp) must be presented through the electronic site The electronic form must be filled out completely at and it must include supporting documentation. The application must be completed by a city representative by 12:00 on October 10, 2014.


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