Cali, Colombia’s top smart city

The business school ESE from Navarra University in Spain proclaimed Cali as  the top smart city in Colombia.

This announcement is the result of the annual study titled “Cities in Motion”, which analyzes different indicators that define smart cities.

Cali, Colombia's top smart city

Some of the factors that were considered for the classification included:

• Governance
• Urban planning
• Public management
• Technology
• Environment
• International profile
• Social cohesion
• Mobility and transport
• Human capital
• Economy

Cali fulfilled many of these indicators, placing it first in Colombia followed by Medellin and Bogota. In a global scale comprising 135 cities around the world, Cali placed 98th.

Rodrigo Guerrero, mayor of Cali, stated that «it is gratifying to see our work in Municipal Administration receive global recognition. One of the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of this government was to give our city global visibility.»

He also stressed that events such as the African Leader Summit, the World Games and many others that took place in the city helped it earn the top spot.

He stated: «This reflects the work that we are carrying out in areas like mobility, security and technology. The fact that we have positioned ourselves as the top smart city in Colombia is a response to the progress the city has made over the past three years.

«Cali has been one of the cities in Colombia with the biggest technological advancement in favor of the people. We are the city with the most Vive Digital points. We have managed to improve the interaction between the people and the administration through the government’s online proposal, and we also enjoy the support of the Technology and Information Ministry and the approaches with the World Bank and the European Union. All of these factors combined have led to a great achievement for the city,» he concluded.


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