A green future for Paris

The French government and the private sector are developing the Paris Climate Energy Plan, with the goal of decreasing 75% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. How are they going to achieve this? By creating high-rise, clean energy buildings capable of producing energy to their surrounding areas.

The study presents various prototype designs of mixed towers to help develop Paris sustainably. These towers will incorporate short-loop recyclable energy sources.

A green future for Paris

The main social objective is to create new eco-responsible ways of living, combining quality of life for citizens with a deep respect for the environment.

A study carried out for the Mairie de Paris by “Vincent Callebaut Architectures” in collaboration with other private partnerships revealed that, by creating bioclimatic buildings with renewable energy sources, it is possible to control smog and “re-naturalise” hyper energy and space-consuming urbanism.

Buildings will be supplied with solar photovoltaic and thermal shields, to produce electricity and hot water. Also, a reversible pump-turbine and a hydro-electrical storage station will be available to recycle rainwater.

Garden balconies surrounding the buildings will filter the water to be used by citizens using phyto-purification and bio-composting techniques.

Source: http://paris.expatriatesmagazine.com/2050-paris-smart-city-for-a-sustainable-dense-and-connected-city/#


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