5 ideas for joint-celebrations of Water Day and Earth Hour

With #WorldWaterDay celebrations just finishing and #EarthHour events about to come (next Saturday at 8.30pm, your local time), this week seem like a perfect moment to mark the occasion and think about our planet and sustainability. Even better, not just think… but act!

Keep in mind that the Water Day theme was sustainable development and the Earth Hour 2015 is going to be about believing in and using #YourPower to create awareness on climate change. Here are 5 ideas to turn into action your Water Day and Earth Hour celebrations:

Water Day and Earth Hour

  1. Plan outdoors activities (picnic-in-the-dark, mass tree-planting, yoga session, night marathon or cyclothon, candle-lit concert, theatrical performance or dinner) with friends and family and share some information about water saving, climate change, projects worth donating time or money, or simply daily eco-tips. Get inspired at Earthhour.org, WWF or just Pinterest.
  2. Download a couple of (or as much as you want) eco-apps on your mobile or tablet. Play, get informed and challenge yourself with the results. Why not trying these recommendations from the experts: GiveO2, Water Use Calculator, iRecycle,  Green Me!, Dropcountr.
  3. Choose a sustainability topic you don’t know much about, do some research, learn the basics and then share any interesting issues through your social networks. How about drought management or local initiatives?
  4. Enjoy a film-night at home with a moving picture that will raise awareness. Depending on your mood, you can go from a NatGeo or DisneyNature kind of breathtaking nature documentary to a more dramatic thriller about the end of the world as a result of global warming. Get some inspiration from: Topdocumentaryfilms.com, 2015 Environmental Film Festival or ‘What’s Possible’.
  5. Arrange a class, workshop, exhibition, webinar or any other learning gathering off/online about the sustainability issues your are most interested in. There are plenty of kits and resources in UN Water, Earth Hour Starter Kit or Thewaterchannel.

Having read this post, it might have already opened up some windows in your mind to get started. Then, spreading the word is the first logical next step! Let’s make of these Water Day and Earth Hour celebrations a a way of life!

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