$ 150 million to boost sustainable public transport in Mexico

Mexico City is escalating its vision of sustainable mobility. The city will invest $ 150 million to expand and modernize its public transport system.. The city will invest $ 150 million to expand and modernize its public transport system.

With the support of development banks and experts on urban mobility, this investment represents a step forward in the mission of helping Mexicans to move safely and efficiently, responding to their diverse mobility needs.

Sustainable public transport in Mexico

A first improvement will see the replacement of the existing network of minibuses with energy-efficient vehicles. Most of the current units are over 20 years old. The new buses will help decrease air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions even further.

Moreover, the Metrobus bus rapid transit (BRT) system will also receive funds to expand lines 5 and 6. Currently, this system is the sixth largest in the world and serves nearly one million people every day.

Both actions will play an important role in shaping a more economically competitive and environmentally sustainable city, but they are not the only solutions that the city is undertaking. Mexico is also expanding its efforts on its bike sharing system, supporting car-free days and reclaiming streets for pedestrians.

The ECOBICI public bicycle sharing program currently has over 6,500 bikes in operation throughout the city. The Muévete en bici program has attracted more than a million users in their seven years history. Finally, the pedestrianization of the historic center is improving accessibility and support local businesses.

These initiatives put Mexico City on the way towards a more sustainable public transport system, where the goal is the improvement of efficiency, accessibility and a better quality of life for millions of Mexicans.

Source: http://thecityfix.com/blog/investment-sustainable-accessible-mexico-city-metrobus-brt-adriana-lobo/

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